We envision a world where interior designers have no limits to their designs and their clients are better off for it. If you’re constantly faced with the hassle of mismatching materials and finishing in your designs then we’re here to tell you we have no limits, so should you!

Regardless of the materials used, VMG’s interior surface coating solutions are built with no limits to help you achieve the design of your dreams.


Why should there be limits to designs when there are no limits on materials used for exterior? If you’re the type of person who wants no limit to flex your creativity on your projects, then our exterior coatings solutions will do the job for you.

Regardless of the materials used, VMG’s exterior surface coating solution can turn any exterior facade into the design you want


Our goal at VMG Work is to enable creativity and innovation to flow unimpeded. Our coating solutions are designed to break through the wall of limits, natural or man-made and allow you to express yourselves.

We believe in making what seems impossible possible – With our services extending beyond our interior and exterior application services with our accessories application service.

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