Understanding Exterior Applications

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Why should there be limits to designs when there are no limits on materials used for exterior?
If you’re the type of person who wants no limit to flex your creativity on your projects, then our exterior coatings solutions will do the job for you.

Regardless of the materials used, VMG’s exterior surface coating solution can turn any exterior facade into the design you want.

Versatility is our promise

With our external surface coating solutions, you can create any type of finishing on any type of surface material you want, just tell us what you like to achieve and our team of experts will recommend the best solution for your project.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

The ability to create any type of finishing on any type of material means that you can achieve the intended effect without actually using the base material. Take metal for example, one of our metal coating solutions caters to turning any surface into metal surfaces, we even use real metal in our coating to achieve this.This allows for projects the options to use better and lightweight materials compared to metal and yet still achieving the desired metal-like design.

In addition, the lighter construction meant efficiencies like less energy and transport required and lesser working hours to assemble, resulting in overall reduction in construction time.

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