The Wonders of the Interior Applications

Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas

We envision a world where interior designers have no limits to their designs and their clients are better off for it. If you’re constantly faced with the hassle of mismatching materials and finishing in your designs then we’re here to tell you we have no limits, so should you!
Regardless of the materials used, VMG’s interior surface coating solutions are built with no limits to help you achieve the design of your dreams.

Unlimited Potential

As is our promise, versatility is yet again at the heart of our solution. VMG’s interior surface coating solutions are designed with unlimited potential and endless application in mind. It can be applied on any given surface or substrate to achieve a desirable outcome and will always enhance the design of the finished product.

bead blast coating

Unlimited Designs

We understand that colours play an important role in all things design. It is often hard to mimic or match original colours, but not to us. Share us a sample of the colour you have in mind and our team of professionals will recreate it, while giving you the freedom to use it in any of your projects. We mean it when we say unlimited potential.

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