Best Hidden Storage Spots for Tiny Homes

Secret Storage For Tiny Homes

Not every homeowner would like to live in big houses or apartments, perhaps because of their personal style, work, financial situation or their love for travel. Whether it is a permanent residency, or a caravan – The biggest challenge that most tiny homes face is storage. The dilemma of this big issue would result in 2 different outcomes – Either they live with a huge clutter with little storage to keep it, or they live in a home with lacking amenities that would make their daily life challenging. But what if we tell you that you can have both in your tiny home? Hard to believe? Well, VMG Work got your back by telling you the best 5 hidden storage spots in your tiny home!



Cabinet Space

Ever noticed the gaps between the top and bottom of your shelves and cabinets in your kitchen? It’s a very wasted space area, indeed but we can turn it into additional storage by storing dry ingredients like dry pasta, sweets and flour on the top gap of your cabinets. You can even make the area prettier and neater by buying identical glass jars and store your dry ingredients in and arrange them in a neat row, and you can throw in some decoration like plants together as well.

How about under your cabinets? One word – DIY. That’s right, all you need is just some tools, a couple of things and a little DIY. Glue or drill on a long magnet piece then store all of your spices into identical spice bottles with a metal cap and simply attach them to the magnet. You can even hang a wire basket from IKEA on the slim part of your cabinet as an added storage spot for your spices or cookbooks.



Under Furniture Storage

Need more hidden storage? Try to build seating with built-in drawers or cubbies. That’s right, you could be sitting on top of one right now! In a tiny home, the space under the stairs isn’t the only place where you can use as extra storage and at times like a caravan or an apartment, you may not have stairs built in so your next alternative is your furniture.

This alternative, and creative hidden space is a great solution for homeowners with small homes if you need to keep your tiny living space clean and convenient to accommodate comfort while also giving you full access to your belongings within reach. Furniture like your bed, platforms, sofa and even stools can be built with built-in drawers or cubbies where you can store your clothes, bedsheets or even hide valuables.



Floor Storage

Another great hidden storage space in a tiny home is one of the most commonly used alternatives in almost every tiny homes – Your floors. That’s right, even beneath where you stand can be a hidden space.

There are many creative ways to make your floor a very efficient hidden storage space, not just solely to store your belongings. In addition to the flexibility of custom building, today’s impressive knowledge and skill sets make it possible to build hidden storage space in almost any room of your house, even beneath the floors. Some ideas include a custom-built refrigerator, a retractable table that you can easily pull up from the floor and turn to a dining table or kitchen space, a dual-purpose sofa that you can pull out of a retractable platform piece and transform it into a bed or even a removable floor piece in your shower that can turn into a hidden bathtub. Such ideas are endless!



Wall Storage

Most of us can vaguely agree that we have existing ready-made wall storage that takes up a lot of unnecessary height space, where we were limited to use the existing surface built into them and be left with empty gaps that we wish we could put to use. And for a number of us, custom-building isn’t an option we can opt for in such cases like this. Well, we can easily solve that problem with a few DIY hacks that is both efficient and budget friendly.

Grab a few paper holders and attach them on the top of shelving, turning it into an extra storage to store and organise papers, books or items that you need. For those living in rented space and can’t renovate, you can opt for some stick-on hooks or some baskets or organisers with hanging attachments that you can store items, and add or remove it when necessary.



Customized Storage

If you have a very tight walking space in your home, such as living in a apartment with 30 square feet of space, you are definitely in for a huge challenge to have a fully functional home in it. At best, you can do probably a bedroom and a bathroom combination and have a portable stove and mini fridge on the side. But have no worries, there is a way to create a fully functional home and it comes in 3 words: Fold-Out Furniture. It sounds odd, but it does exist!

Having fold-furniture is like recreating a Harry Potter scene. From a full little kitchen with a collapsible island counter that can double as a dining table to a full bathroom, and you can have a loft bed build above with a wall TV and even build retractable stairs to your loft that doubles as your bookshelf or closet.

That concludes our 5 best hidden storage spots for tiny homes. Of course, this only covers a fraction of hundreds that is out there and perhaps are more ideal to your needs and requirements. We hope that this will widen your field of knowledge in the design world and allows us to give you a better idea on creating the perfect tiny home for you.

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