How to Turn Your Studio Apartment into A Freelance Work/Home Space

Are you someone who works from home almost all the time? As a freelancer? That’s a very bold move for someone who decides to become self-employed and very admirable to take on the working world on your own. Being a freelancer means you’re very flexible in your hours and your location – Often times, you’d likely be working at home and as if you live in a studio apartment, that calls for some creativity for your office setup! Here are some of our tips on how to turn your studio apartment into a freelance work/home space!



First things first, you need a room or a space where you can fully dedicated as your office/work zone. It doesn’t have to be a large area of your room, especially in a studio apartment where you practically have everything, bare the bathroom and closet, in one large room. Therefore, allocating a portion of the space is your best option to separate your home and your work from each other.

You can make your small dining area a small kitchen office space – Where you can also do your work throughout the day while being within reach to grab something to eat or cook your meals in between work. But if that is distracting, you can allocate a spot in your space and use dividers or curtains to create what separation you can, making it possible for your to work and walk away to relax if you need even in a couple of steps.



To maintain space-efficiency, you can pick a lovely desk that is multi-functional, or with a lot of storage compartments catering to your work requirement. You can go a little DIY by getting a simple desk with ample leg space and place a small drawer or cabinet underneath or next to the desk for your belongings, or install a wall table underneath your floating bookshelves that can be unhinged to the wall for smaller studio apartments.

In other creative ways, if space is a real challenge for you, you can try building a rollable or collapsible desk attached to your bedframe that you can roll back and forth, or pull out from its compartment allowing you need work while in bed and push it away when it’s time to sleep or if you need to relax. Or, you can opt for a loft bed with and set a work space underneath it.



Every home, no matter how small it is has a closet and a studio apartment is no different from any homes. Evidently, this is to make the apartment more space efficient even if it doesn’t cater much of free space but it is something. If you find no use for the closet, you can always turn it into a small home office space.

Since it comes with some storage of its own, you can utilize that storage to keep away your things or maybe a few of your necessities if space is more than sufficient – And all you need to complete the closet office is just to get a small desk and a chair for you to sit and work at. The best part? You can close the doors and hide away your little office – Making your studio apartment look spacious and clean to the eyes.



A studio apartment is small, so space isn’t your best friend in this situation and you have to make the most of it in that small space. In cases like this, functionality becomes more important than decorative aesthetic – Unless you’re a freelance blogger or Instagrammer where an aesthetic background is important. To be as space efficient as possible, staying minimalist with your studio apartment is the best alternative to maximise space and functionality.

Keeping your clutters to a minimum gives you the subconscious idea of being practical, calm and more motivated to work efficiently, rather than having a clutter that can make you stressful with the idea or plan to have to clean up the mess within your constrain schedule. Always keep your space in mind when you are decorating, pick items that aren’t too big or takes a lot of space.



Continuing from our previous point, there are some added benefits to keeping your clutter to a minimal control and keeping your décor minimal. Working from home gives you an added advantage to be able to access to anything you need to relax and take a break from work, so take that advantage and use it in your workspace at home to make your very personal space.

Whether your office is located at the balcony, your little closet, your bedroom or your kitchen, always make sure to leave some space for you to get up and get some movement to stretch those aching muscles. It will help you stay active and freshen up again – Remember, it is always take a small break every now and then during work even if you’re working while laying in bed.

We’ve come to the end of your discussion on how to turn your studio apartment into a freelance workspace. There are many other tricks, ideas and tactics beyond what we have shared that may be beneficial for you, so we recommend to always keep on the lookout for any potential ideas. As always, VMG Work strives to do nothing more than to create the perfect home for you!


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