Modern Design Ideas for Instagrammable Living Room Space

Instagrammable Living Room Space

Instagram has taken over the world in the last decade, birthing many careers, convenience, life-hacks and quick access to knowledge and info that was once near impossible to reach. One of the many things people would search or share on Instagram are the designs and insides of their beautiful home, showing off aesthetic and creative parts of their home that many could only dream of – Especially their living room. And while you might think it’s something you can look at, it’s actually possible to turn your living room into something Instagram-worthy.

Now, you might think that making your living room Instagrammable-worthy comes with a heavy sacrifice and it’s not very doable for you. Well, what if we told you, that it is possible to make your living room space Instagrammable worthy but productive and still home-worthy without the worries of a heavy loss. Interested to know how? We’ll share with you 5 modern ideas for an Instagrammable living room space.


Make it Scream All About You

Living Room Concept Design

What kind of style describes you in person and style? Are you someone who loves to stay simple? Bright colors? A pastel girl? Or something dark and chic? Incorporating your personal taste and style into your living room are some of the best ways to make your living room Instagrammable worthy. Not only it makes your home aesthetic and interesting for visiting eyes to see, but also makes you yourself feel more at home and comfortable to live in. Plus, it becomes a silent little fact that tells everyone more about you as an individual.

If your sense of style involves two or more kinds of style – Don’t panic! You can still achieve your Instagrammable living room space with a combination of styles. There are millions of ideas that you can create in your living space, all you need to do is just do a little bit of research and pick out a small inspiration from there.


Art on the Wall

Wall decor

Walls can often be very boring and always plain – Which can make your living room very dull, boring and sometimes just a sore to look at. Your photo background plays an important supportive role in your photos – Be it a selfie, product promotion or a video – What goes on behind the main focus affects the overall outcome of the presentation.

Spruce up your empty walls with some props – Photos, shelving, decorative items or even wall panels. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or cramped with hundreds of items unless it fits the concept of your living room. Instead, go for a more simple or fairly decorative approach as a supporting section to enhance your living room’s overall look. With this simple hack, your living room will definitely be one step closer to a perfect Instagrammable living space.


Cleanliness is Essential!


Every household would make their living room homey, warm and welcoming especially for guests as one of the prime spots for hangouts and gatherings. Having a complete mess however, takes that warm and welcoming feeling away and this can cause your guest to find difficulty to find a good spot to sit or can be a danger hazard for anyone who isn’t too careful especially young children. And this is the last thing any homeowners want.

So clear any and every bits and pieces of clutter away. Dispose anything that holds no purpose or value to you and relocate or organised anything that is not meant to be in your living room, such as children’s toys to their respective rooms or location. Keep only what is essential for your own and for guests’ use, and avoid storing things on the floor.


Have Some Splash of Color

Color variation

Renovate your living room with colors! This will make your living space have a more balance feel and add some nice pop to the visible eye than plain, boring white walls. You can go with any kind of colors, even dark bold colors! If it’s too bold, offset these with one or two walls in a complimentary light color or have lighter floors to balance it out.

Your walls isn’t the only exception, you can also play around with some colorful furniture and even decorative to make the room more interesting!




Last but certainly not least, lighting! Adding some lighting to your living room space can make a lot of difference. It doesn’t necessarily have to limit to standard white ceiling lights, adding a warm yellow light or maybe a small, simple hanging light lamp can also add a nice touch to your living room.

You can enhanced your lighting or opted for a warmer, dimmer lighting for night use with some beautiful stand or table lamps, fairy lights and even colorful LED lights! With today’s modern world, there are thousands of lighting in fun and unique shapes, colors and sizes at your disposal.

To conclude this, we would like to tell you that there are many more ways and ideas to make your living room Instagram-worthy. You don’t have to spent a humongous investment to achieve a Instagrammable living room and all it takes it just a few items, some small planning and tweaking to make it work. VMG Work hopes that these will help you in achieving your Instagrammable living room!

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