Top Surface Coating Trends for Modern Interiors

Top Surface Coating Trends for Modern Interiors

Surface coatings in our homes, offices, or even in shopping centers have always been a trend regardless of where we go. These surface coatings often spruce our interiors up, giving them a certain vibe and feel. Regardless of what you like, we will see certain coatings making a comeback. This list will reflect some of the top surface coatings that will make a return for the year 2023. 

1.      Wall paints 

Wall paints have always been a mainstay for a lot of wall coatings. Be it for homes, offices, or commercial areas, people can often see paints being used as the most common surface coatings for walls. This is a done and tested method for many generations and will continue to be a mainstay as such. 

You don’t always need to use white wall paints – although that is the most common color for many buildings. White paint is often seen as a neutral color and is easy on the eye. It’s good for many settings and functions. 

However, you can always change the color of the wall painting to something more thematic. For example, some parents may choose softer colors or pastel colors for their children’s bedrooms. Some parents may go the distance of going multicolor to get a certain theme. It all really depends on what you are looking for but wall paints are certainly a mainstay for wall coatings. 

2.      Wallpapers 

Whether if you are looking for a quick renovation or to covert a wall area, wallpapers are often the most affordable go-to coating for many people. Not only is it affordable, it is also readily available within quick reach. 

You can find many wallpapers easily bought in home living stores for a relatively affordable price. Nothing wrong with affordable wallpapers when you are on a budget. You may not need a contractor to help you to apply these wallpapers so again, you are saving more cost in that regards. 

3.      Aluminium 

Aluminium coatings aren’t exactly for walls as it attracts and retains heat within the building. Aluminium coatings are often for household items such as boxes, tabletop coatings, appliances, and whatnot. Rarely will you find people using aluminum as wall coatings. As a matter of fact, it is less likely that you will find walls coated with aluminum with the exception of export containers that are converted into living spaces or commercial spaces. 

Aluminum coatings do give the vicinity an industrial feel, if not edgy. At times, it may even give a modern touch to your interior homes too. 

  1.     Plywood

Wood, or generally plywood, has a very homey and rustic feel to it. People often associate plywood or wood material with countryside living. Plywood is good to cover old furniture making it look new once again. You may often find people using plywood for upgrade purposes. It’s an affordable way to keep your furniture around for longer. 

It’s also cheap and you may not always need a contractor to help you with it. If the plywood shades look boring to you, you can always paint it over with another color. It’s not an issue at all. The most common type of paint people use to paint over plywood is usually acrylic paint, which in itself is also another kind of surface coating too. 

Surface coatings are everywhere and are often within easy reach of your hands. If you need any help with surface coatings, feel free to talk to us. We will be more than happy to help you with your surface coating needs. 

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