5 Room Ideas You Can Do for Your Attics

Attic Design Ideas

Attics. A place where not many homeowners uses nor goes to, mainly because it’s often in an “Incomplete” state and completely barren. In a lot of homes in Malaysia, it’s often not a large space where you can think of any ideas to design it  If you think that storage is the only attic’s one and sole purpose in your home, think again. Your attic can do a lot more than you’d imagine and you can turn it into any room of your desire. So, we are here to give you 5 room ideas you can do for your attics!



Home Theatre

What better to turn an attic into than turning it into your very own cinema right within the comforts of your home? Looking at a logical point, most attics are usually the darkest and quietest spots in your home – As it is often the furthest part of your home away from everyday noise and activities. This makes your attic the perfect room to build a home theatre where you can not only enjoy watching the latest dramas, but also a getaway space for some peace and quiet right within your own home!

Building one is very simple and affordable, such as building in a retractable white screen and a mini projector, throw in a couple of bean bags or a big comfy couch is all you need to turn your attic into a home theatre. You can also add in a few more features or fun decors to make it very soothing like fairy lights for soft aesthetic lighting, a comfy rug, a few throw blankets and make it a little more cinema-like by building a mini bar where you can store snacks and beverages!



Entertainment Room

To my fellow homeowners who loves entertainment, this next room idea may be perfect for you! Do you often receive noise complaints from your neighbours, family or roommates for being too loud? Or when you’re trying to film something, but can’t because your neighbourhood is near a busy highway or have loud neighbours? How about when you just want to play some arcade games, but the place is too far or crowded with people? If these are part of your worries, why not bring it back to your home?

From an arcade room filled with arcade machines right down to a whole gaming room with a huge TV with a Wii station, a desk with a full set gaming monitor station and even a secret home bar where you can enjoy a glass of wine and play some darts or a round of snooker – There are many entertainment ideas that you can do! And if noise is your worry, you can easily resolve by installing some foam panels on the walls of your attic.



If you have a very flexible job that allows you to work from home most or if so, almost all the time and you’re the kind who prefers to stay at home more than going out, here’s a great room idea you can do to your attic! If privacy is an issue for you in your own home and you want to have a room or a space in your home where you can do your work in peace – Why not turn your attic into an office?

As attics are the furthest parts away from everyday activities and noise, they’re some of the most ideal spots to become a room with great privacy and some peace and quiet when you need it. Plus, you can design it into the perfect space that you need. If spending isn’t an issue for you, you can even renovate the space to your liking and even throw in a rooftop or ceiling sun window for some natural lighting to save some money on your electricity bills.



Here’s another great room idea you can create your attic into, this time for your little ones. Many parents can agree that when you put kids and toys in a single room, the only outcome from it is an absolute chaos. Be it the living room, the patio or even their bedroom, you’re bound to encounter toys scattered everywhere and you have to go through the exhausting process of cleaning all of it up even after a long day. Well, why not have a playroom in your attic?

Think about it, your attic is the best place where your kids can play all day without causing a lot of disturbance and it’s the perfect room where you can hide all of the mess where you only need to clean it every now and then. In addition, you can also strategically teach your kids to clean after themselves with this room as part of their discipline.



Of course, we can’t just share all of these ideas without talking about the most common and recommended room idea amongst most homeowners – And that, is turning your attic into your very own bedroom.

The attic’s unique and off structure are often one of the many reasons that many homeowners turn it into a bedroom. You can do a lot of creative ideas with such structure and perhaps create a very unique bedroom that fits your style perfectly. From having a platform bed facing a wall and roof combo window, turning the attic’s structure beams into shape ceiling shelving, to turning it into a cabin-style bedroom with fairy lights to give a very rustic, relaxing nature outdoorsy feel as if you’re camping under fireflies all around – There are so much you can do with your attic and more!

And as we come to a conclusion of our subject, we would like to remind everyone that this only covers a fraction of hundred other room ideas you can do to your attic and what we cover may not be the one you’re looking for. Creativity has no limits wherever you are and VMG Work sincerely believes in building nothing but the best dream home for you.

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