Creative Entertainment Rooms For Your Home

Entertainment is a true must for us homeowners, a leisure activity where we can sit back and relax, have fun and relieve ourselves from the stress of the strenuous reality and working world beyond the comforts of our home and mind. But sometimes, even trying to enjoy these leisure can be stressful – The idea of going through heavy traffic, huge crowds and heavy noises can become counter-productive to our needs to relax. Some of us prefer the comforts of our home, enjoying the same leisure activities we enjoy within it. So, VMG Work is here to share with you 5 creative entertainment rooms for your home!



Right off the bat, we’ll start with the most obvious one – Movies and TV dramas. Who doesn’t like to just sit back our comfy sofa, a bag of popcorn by our side, and relax to catch up on the latest movies or series. Going to the cinemas is the plan but with some drawback – Fixed screen times, the long queues, avoiding toilet breaks during screentime? Now that is some commitment there and for many of us, it’s not possible and don’t even get us started on TV series. So, instead of us going to the cinemas, why not bring the cinema to us?

With today’s advanced approach on social media and the internet, movie and tv series apps like Netflix, and Sony Crackles make it possible for us to watch from the comforts of our home – And, at our own expense anytime, anywhere. To make the experience better, you can build your very own home theatre right in your home with a TV or retractable projector screen, a mini projector, a comfy sofa and some blankets is all you need to make your very own home theatre!



Gear up, gamers because this one is for you! In today’s world, thousands of games have grown in popularity over the last decade and gained a big name in society. It’s also one of the many ways people would agree as a form of entertainment to enjoy and destress from the harsh day of work – That’s what arcades, and cybercafes are there for but of course, nothing comes without a price and it can be quite costly for some people. If you’re someone who wants to save on cost but enjoy gaming, why not create a gaming room of your own?

You don’t actually need a lot of equipment to start a gaming room, or a corner. Thanks to advanced technology, all you need is a desk, a comfy chair, headphones for isolated sounds, a hard drive and a computer to create your gaming room. From there, you can slowly invest into better equipment, perhaps even invest into a huge TV, a gaming console and a couple of gaming DVDs to play the latest games to turn your gaming room into a full-on gamer paradise, all within your own home.



If you think entertainment is all about just having fun and relax to destress, you’re both right and wrong. Relaxing isn’t a bad thing, but some entertainment like gaming for prolong hours can lead to future back pains and low fatigue overtime, while it’s reading and gaming can refresh and exercise your mind, it’s equally as important to exercise your body. If you need something more intense or physical to stay in shape and keep your energy up, what better way to do so than having your own gym?

Add some gym equipment where you can comfortably work out in between your relaxing time or you need to vent off the stress while working at home. You don’t need a full-on gym to work out, only a few like dumbbells, a pull-up and a treadmill is good enough for a home gym. This entertainment room, combined with the others is great for a well-balanced life within your home.



In continuation from the previous topic, a simple gym may not be enough for some people especially if you’re someone who is daring and likes to do extreme activities like rock-climbing, surfing, or even sky-diving. If space isn’t an issue, or you have a huge and empty space, why not turn it into an extreme course field?

From parkours, to a skating course, a pool or even a full-course rock-climbing obstacle – There are a variety of extreme courses that you can build and create in that huge space according to what you desire. Of course, there are some exceptions to some that require more than what you have, but it’s a starting point where you can enjoy something even if it’s not the full experience. Who knows, perhaps it’ll come in handy for an upcoming competition? There’s always that possibility.



If you’re someone who loves crimes, mysteries and problem-solving activities, an escape/crime room is a great choice for you and your family/roommates. Creating a course filled with clues, hints and scenes of different story lines is a great exercise to the mind and test your logic, physical, strategic skills and intelligence to solve complicated challenges – Which can be handy in the real world when you come across a challenge and need to come up with a solution.

But, if you are more of a quiet individual hungry for knowledge, be it on crimes, mystery, history or even world knowledge, or someone who is filled with ideas and need a place to build it by hand – A library for the advocate readers or a workshop or art room for the advocate creators are your ideal alternatives. Remember, knowledge is everywhere – We just need to find the right way to gain it be it through physical and mental activities.

And this concludes our talk about creative entertainment rooms for your home. This of course, doesn’t limit to what we have shared here and there are more entertainment rooms that you can do for your home – So long that it meets your needs and desire in a room. We hope that this will broaden your creative knowledge and create the perfect entertainment room for your home!

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