Creative Ways To Create A Child Playroom/Bedroom

The definition of a playroom is literally what it is – a room where you can play and have fun! The more creative and colorful it is, the better. A playroom is one of some great fun space for your kids to have fun and develop their imaginations. If space and lack of rooms is an issue for you, why not incorporate a playroom/bedroom for your child? Sounds impossible? Well, VMG Work got your back with 5 creative ways to create a child playroom/bedroom!


Deciding on a theme for your child’s bedroom, such as a jungle or a space theme, could save you a lot of hassle and time, and give you a clearer picture on what furniture or items to incorporate into the playroom/bedroom for your child. It doesn’t have to be a huge change, but it does give you a clear start on where you can go from there.

Some children, usually after the age of 5 have reached at the age where they have developed a personal preference in colors, styles and certain things so involving them in the designing process gives you a very clear idea of their exact preference and idea on what they would love to have in their playroom/bedroom. This is also a great chance to bond with your child and make them feel that they’re heard and understood by you, thus makes them feel that they can trust you more to listen to them whenever they need help.

Unique Beds

Get a little creative with your child’s furniture, one example would be the bed. You can turn the bed into a fun character, such as a dinosaur bedframe or make it multi-functional, such as a loft bed with a study table below it or a daybed that can double as a multi-bed for sleepovers. In our modern times, there are thousands of bed designs catered to young children, extending from car bedframes right up to a treehouse bed.

This can also aid in creating a theme for your child’s playroom/bedroom, while maintaining your sole goal of creating a fully functional playroom/bedroom. If money is an issue, or finding the right pieces is hard, you can always DIY your own version of your child’s bed to their ideal liking. Although it can be a longer process, it saves you a lot of money, and walking space especially if your child’s bedroom is small, because you can control and decide how much space you’d only need for the playroom/bedroom.



Displaying colourful artwork, be it your child’s favourite character or their own artwork, is a definite must in children’s playroom as it motivates and inspires your little artist to create a fabulous feature to work around in their playroom/bedroom. It is important to remember that you’re creating a space for a child – Not for adults so don’t be afraid to play and experiment with patterns, colours and textures.

Using different patterns and colours can help children exercise their observation skills and explore their surroundings, making them more and more curious about the new patterns and colours around them and will try to learn and understand each and new pattern and texture they see. This fun tactic will keep your little ones entertained for hours on end even when you need to have some “Me Time”.


One thing that many people forget that the aches and pains we get in our adulthood doesn’t just happen overnight – But rather, through a long period of time constantly sitting in an improper posture like hunching in our seat. This comes down through our childhood, so to rectify this problem, it’s good to practicing good posture from our younger years.

Having an appropriate sitting area in your child’s playroom/bedroom for drawing, reading, homework and crafts is essential to teach and train your little ones to practice good posture. You don’t need to go through lengths of buying an expensive solid wood child-size table set, opt for something light but sturdy like a rattan or a colourful plastic table and chair set. These kind of sets are light for your child to carry around and won’t scrape or damage your floors like metal and wood can.


Kids are very creative in imagination, and very active with energy. More often than not, actions are the best way they can express their imagination and communication than through words especially for young children were they’re still trying to master their vocabulary. They have a lot of ways to communicate with us through actions, such as drawing, gestures and roleplay. So what better way to help expand their creativity and idea than to create a multi-activity wall?

You heard that right! Turn one side or area of the wall into an creative activity area such as a whiteboard or a chalkboard with washable markers where your children can draw out their creative imagination and exercise their creativity or maybe a physical play area like a little climbing course for your energetic kids to burn their bursting energy and improve their physical skills. Who knows they might be the next world no.1 climber!

And this concludes our approach on creative ways to create a child playroom/bedroom. Please do keep in mind that this only covers a fraction of the thousands of ideas that is out there on the internet and around us. We hope that what we covered today gave you a deeper and wider understanding about the creativity freedom that you have to create the perfect child playroom/bedroom for your little ones!


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