Custom-Built vs. Ready-Made Cabinets

Custom-Built vs Ready-MadeCabinets



Cabinets are easily one of the most common furniture you’ll see in every household, a common area where you can store food or belongings without the worries of clutter all around your home. Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, and in a variety of colours however even with all these amazing options, you somehow do not find the one to your liking. While it may seemed that your choices are limited, we offer custom-built cabinets that allows you to achieve your desirable cabinets.

Now, you may be asking, how are custom-built cabinets different from ready-made cabinets? Let us talk about that.



Cabinet Customization


There’s no need of explanation for this great point. Where ready-made cabinets are already built to a fixed design, colour and size, custom-built cabinets on the other hand are completely customisable. Sizes, shapes, colours, materials, features, functions, finishes – Everything that you can do to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget and there are no limits to build them accordingly to your home.

From a small apartment to a grand mansion, if you are looking to build an entire closet in the most awkward corners of your home, or if you need a wall-high display shelves for your assorted collectibles that you wish to display for all to see. There are no limits to create and custom-build the cabinets to your lifestyle, needs and budget.

Material Quality Control

Cabinet Material


More than building the customised cabinets of your dreams, we prioritise the quality of your cabinets – Using and providing the highest quality of material to your disposal. Designing isn’t just a hobby or a basic job that is easily overlooked, it is our passion and we provide the best for our customers.


Unlike ready-made cabinets where the quality of the material is manufactured and fixed by suppliers and production – Which can often result in inconsistent quality, we offer a versatile range of high quality material for you to choose to your bidding. We also have a designer ready to assist in your decision, and ensure that you will get your customised cabinets that fits your budget and lifestyle while maintain its high quality.


Personalised Advice and Consultation

Interior Consultation


Cabinetry is a work of art to us and we have personalised and customised many assorted cabinets in our years of experience. Working with our designer has an added advantage to your planning of a custom-build cabinets, they bring your ideas to life with deep insight to explain and advice you on the knows and hows to designing your cabinets.

Our designers are there with you every step of the way to ensure that the final product is exactly how you dreamed of. Ensuring that you know what works and what doesn’t and why so, as it is important that you are fully involved in the production and be made aware of what goes on.


Minimal to Zero Assembly

Assembling Cabinets


One of the better plus points of having a custom-made cabinets, is the time to assemble them. Ready-built cabinets has fixed shapes and sizes, and often that is something the limits your choices to pick the perfect cabinet. Some may be too big or bulky, others may be too high or difficult to assemble in.

At Veneer Mark, we take serious caution of the measurements and space of your chosen room while designing the cabinets. It is important that before assembling your cabinets, that we make sure that every piece of material used in the production fits each nook and cranny of your space and ready to send them to your home assembled – And the installation is handled by our installation team. This means that you don’t waste any valuable time doing it on your own.


Long-term Life Span

Cabinet Durability


And lastly, a great benefit to having your own customised cabinets is that they can last longer than most ready-made cabinet. Having your cabinets customised means building them to adapt to the nature and surrounding of your home, using finishes that makes your cabinet more resistant to the environment in your home.

Most custom built cabinets include a strong limited lifetime quality, so you do not need to get them replaced in the foresee future. It may cost more at the time, but you will have a higher chance on a higher return on investment with customised cabinets.

Overall, there are many added advantages and benefits that makes custom-built cabinets different from ready-built cabinets. While there are some downsides to having custom-built cabinets, the benefits of it often out-weights the downside and you’d face less issues than with ready-built cabinets. It is not a must to always have customised cabinets, but it is an additional and great alternative to consider in the foresee future.

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