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5 Ways to Place Living Room Furniture Like a Pro

There are many ideas to decorate your living room, from minimalistic to artistic concepts, your choices are endless. However, while there are many innovative ideas, more often than not, people struggle to feel at ease with the outcome of their living room even with the best design in mind. While innovative ideas play a key role, your approach on furniture arrangement also plays an important role in creating the living room of your dreams. 


Here are 5 ways to arrange and place your furniture in your living room like a pro.


Set A Focal Point



Living Room Focal Point

        In every design and arrangement, establishing a focal point plays a very important role in arranging your furniture. A focal point acts as the very primary sight that people will see upon entry. It becomes the anchor for your living room where it assists you in arranging your furniture around it. Will you primarily use it to watch TV or for entertaining friends? The way you wish to use the room will also help decide on your focal point.

       Your focal point doesn’t necessarily need to be furniture. It can be your fireplace, accent wall or even a piece of art depending on any existing feature. In some rooms with existing features, fireplaces or large windows with a wide view of a landscape can become your focal point and in some, accent walls or an object such as a TV or a decorative vase can become your focal point. 


Create Easy Path Flow


Path Flow


  When arranging furniture in your living room, it’s important to leave sufficient space for people to walk through and around the furniture easily. No one wants to force themselves stepping over a jumble of foot stools and climbing over ottomans and stools just to go from one side of the room to the other. Having a cluttered area is not only inconvenient to move around, it is also a safety risk for both your guests and yourself, so keep your furniture in an arrangement with a direct, clear pathway to move around.

     Take in consideration of each furniture and their features when you arrange them in your living room, as some such as a reclinable sofa and cabinets would need extra space to open so always test and adjust when necessary. Moreover, arrange furniture to allow natural paths that lead to the other rooms that connect with your living room.


Think About Functionality First



Furniture Purpose

        When designing a room, it is important to be considerate of the main function of the room and establish the main use that suits best according to your wants/needs. For example, entertainment items like your TV or comforts like your sofa for relaxation and social gatherings are some examples that you can use for your living room. Thinking of the main function for your living room not only avoids confusion but also establishes a start to plan and organize your next plan or step easily.

      It isn’t necessary to add too much furniture or objects in your living room if it doesn’t serve the same purpose or function. Minimize & avoid adding unnecessary clutters like multiple cabinets storage and only add in decorative and smaller furniture that serves the same function and purpose for your living room. This also applies to every room in your home as well.


Make A Great Conversational Area



Conversational Living Room


        Having a living room in your home is a great must, especially when you have frequent guests over and need a place to just sit and relax together. Establish a furniture layout that facilitates comfortable conversation by considering how you want to face each other without difficulties. The best arrangement for a great conversational area is to position your seats close to or facing each other around the focal point. For example, if your focal point is your fireplace and if you only have one sofa in the room, position your sofa facing the fireplace to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace as your lounge and converse with one another.

        Adding some entertainment like a TV or a smaller furniture piece like a coffee table also helps to create a more comfortable conversational area. Having small supportive pieces allows you to provide additional comfort and entertainment for your guests.


Get Creative


Creative Living Room         

The benefits of designing your living room is having full creative freedom, and the best thing about arranging a room is going out of the box and standard layouts. It isn’t necessary to stick to the basics like having the back of your sofa touched against the wall, spread all your furniture wide apart or have everything completely identical. These things would only hinder your creativity, freedom and control of achieving your dream living room.

        Place your furniture closer together and if your living room allows, keep the backs of your sofa off the wall and creating a space in between allows a more open feeling. It isn’t a must to follow every rule in the book, and they are meant to be broken to bring some creativity. Experiment a few pieces together, you’ll never know you may end up with something unique and better than your initial idea.


There are many possible ways to arrange your living room like a pro and these are only some of the more important ways that we feel is important for every homeowner to take note when arranging your living room furniture. These 5 ways will help kick-start your ideas and steps to achieve the living room of your dreams. Don’t forget that this is your home, and nobody has to live there except for you. Every home can be beautiful and welcoming with a little care so don’t be afraid and get creative today!


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