Kitchen Tips

A kitchen is every home cook’s safe place, their treasure – Their baby, to put it simply! It is where families would often spend a lot of their time together and enjoy great meals together and in occasional times, prepare parties or feasts where they can invite friends over. Every homeowner would stop at nothing to create the perfect kitchen that is both highly functional and aesthetically appealing on first impression to their visitors – Especially it is one of the few key spots where everyone would have a first impression in a home.

So what can you do to turn your kitchen into a beautiful art piece? Well, VMG Works got your back and we have some tips to create the perfect kitchen of your dreams!



Kitchen Surrounding


 Before jumping straight into designing, it is important that you take several factors into account when it comes to the full functionality and capability you can have in your kitchen. From the environment to the overall space available. Oftentimes unless you can afford an entire reconstruction and relocation, you won’t have the option to pick the best spot in your home for your kitchen so your only other option is to make the best out of it.

It is important that you first see and understand the limits and capabilities that your kitchen can offer, as it makes it easier for you to plan and organise your designs accordingly and avoid further problems and save time during the designing process. Your environment such as humidity and the temperature also plays a key factor in deciding what you can do in the designs, as some materials may not be sustainable in certain conditions that others can.


Path Flow


 Traffic flow is a key consideration to take when designing your kitchen. It is important that your appliances and storage is carefully planned and arranged in a way that provides convenience and easy access to things for both passerby and people working in the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be a lot of changes, but small subtle ones that can make your work/accessibility in the kitchen much easier.

Planning a landing space appliance provides a spot to place items while you’re cooking or preparing ingredients is a good start for a good flow around the kitchen without too much disruption, rather than forcing yourself to walk to one side of the kitchen just to grab one item and then walk all the way back to continue cooking. If you are someone who loves to cook often, consider having more counter spaces where you can work and complete more tasks in a shorter time. If you have children, you can consider lowering the height of some countertops to make cooking easier and help them in meal preparation.


Kitchen Storage


Every homeowner has one enemy in common, especially when you live in small homes – Space. A common, number one enemy that you’d face when it comes to building your kitchen, and if you’re someone who loves to cook frequently, you tend to have more ingredients and appliances than those who don’t cook as often. So if your current kitchen doesn’t have enough space, where else can you store the extra stuff? Well, the answer is…. It’s everywhere!

That’s right! Every nook and cranny of your kitchen can be used as storage, and all you need to do is just a small renovation or some DIY to add more storage. Adding open shelves for additional space for your pots and pants or installing drawer rails under your cabinets where you can hang your spices, there are many DIY ideas and small additions that you can do to utilise your kitchen space.





Start by planning how you’d store your items in order – Beginning with the ones that you’d use the most such as pots, knives, pans and your spices within arms’ reach around the stove. By doing this, you save a few extra steps to move from one place to another and avoid obstacles that may come in your way. This is also a great tactic to store away the more dangerous items like knives away from children while remaining fully accessible to you.

Other ways you can organise are few such as storing the less frequently used ingredients and appliances at the back of cabinets or the further away from the stove, keeping your dishes and glasses near your sink and water station, installing your stove next to a window where you can open it and air out your kitchen from the smoke. The possibilities are endless at your disposal!

There are many more ideas and tips out there that can aid you in creating the perfect kitchen in your home. The most important advice to remember is to always consider your personal needs and convenience first, then use it as a guide to organise, design and create the kitchen of your dreams! VMG Works hope that our little tips gave you a small starting point to begin creating your perfect kitchen!

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