Tips to Maximize Office Space


Office Space

Your office is one of the most common places where you would spend the most time of your day. It can be in the comforts of your home or in sky-high buildings, any room big or small can be your office. Many times however, seeing the same white walls, plain desks and chairs, and having growing piles of paperwork has become so standardised, that it becomes an eye-sore, stale and a distracting annoyance that affects your work performance. So the question is, how and what can be done to maximise office space? Well, VMG Work got the answer for you with these few tips to maximise office space!


Clutter Splurge


Remove Office Clutter

The No.1 rule to maximum office space, is to clear away clutters in your office. Now you may be asking why? Does a clutter-free office make a difference compared to a cluttered office? The answer is yes.

In the minds of many, a clutter office means it’s a disorganised and dirty office. In the working world, appearances is everything and the first impression makes the biggest impact. So having a cluttered office affects not only the happiness and the work performance of your team – But also paints a negative light on you and your business when visitors come. And overtime, it becomes a really big eyesore that demotivates any energy and perseverance to do any work. Plus, having a clutter-free office makes the space more open, clean and inviting all eyes to focus on the design and decorative rather than multiple stacks of papers and clutters.

Trust us that while it might be crazy, getting rid of the clutter at the start gives you a chance to assess the true amount of space you have and begin planning how to utilise the space efficiently.


Organisation is KEY



Alright! You’ve made “The Purge” and got rid of everything that is unnecessary and unimportant to your space. Now what do we do with the remaining stuff and clutter that still has value to your work and space? Putting all of that back, thought much lesser than before, where it was before would defeat the purpose of clearing all that clutter. Well, the next and most obvious thing that we can do is organise!

There are many ways you can do to make the space look organised and clean, starting with what you already have from the beginning. All offices would have a standard storage space from the start such as drawers, shelves or paper holders, so you can begin by separating, organising and storing all of your work and projects into those storage spaces. Labelling each section also helps you stay organised and help easily find where do you need to locate things. It doesn’t have to be standardised by everyone to follow one certain order, you can arrange it according to your preference.


Turning Vertical Multi-Functional


Versatile Use

Your virtual space serves more purpose than just being a space for decorative only. In fact, it is a multi-functional space basically at your complete disposal. It can be on the walls of your office, a clear glass wall or the walls of your cubicle space, there are many ways to utilise that space and make it completely functional according to your needs.

You can build more storage spaces with shelves and cabinets on your walls, providing you more storage while also keeping your office organised, clean and more put together. Moreover, you can also turn the walls into your very own DIY whiteboard or notice board – Where you can build and draw your mind-map for ideas or stick sticky notes with reminders where you can just look up and see it right in front of you. So if you can’t sacrifice flooring space, this tip can be a great use for you!


Creating Zones in Workplaces


Office Zones

Now, let’s say your office is one huge open space, with high walls or maybe an open concept 2nd floor and the next room is across the huge room. Renovation to create separate spaces and rooms is a good option, but it is be extremely expensive and not ideal if you are on a tight budget or if it’s a rented place. Well, there are other ways you can create and divide your space without breaking the bank and keep it organised and beneficial for your work and your employees.

Firstly, you’d need to decide what and how many “zones” you’d need, for both group and individual work. Then, think of putting furniture like ceiling-high shelves to store documents or longer tables to accommodate groups of 3 or more to share desk space or may need a space to collaborate on projects. You can also throw in a leisure space like an open concept kitchen or a small gaming section with long couches and TV to both divide the space and serve as a place of relaxation for you.

And that is all of the tips we have on how to maximise office space. These are only a few of many tips we have, but we at VMG Work hopes that these few tips would encourage and give you some ideas on how to utilise your office space to the max. There is no limitation to how do you want to make use of the space you have, and there are endless ideas available to kick start your plan to maximise your office space.


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