Ways to Create An Instagrammable Bedroom


Instagrammable Bedroom

Many of us spend most of our time in our bedroom, where we find the most comfort and security in our home and of course, one where we can decorate to our outmost desire. These days, many would decorate their bedroom into a photogenic area where they can take many selfies and photos to their hearts’ desire and often makes people jealous. If you believe that your bedroom doesn’t meet such standards, then you’re wrong.


There are many ways to create a photogenic, Instagrammable bedroom within your comfort zone and here are 5 ways to create an Instagrammable bedroom.

Statement Bed


Statement Bed


Every bedroom shares one main furniture in common and often will be the biggest staple piece in your room, a bed. While having a regular bed does the job, it’s often not something you’d want to show off but it can be turned into something that can pop and stand out as a statement decorative piece.


There are many ways to turn your bed into a statement piece of décor, such as transforming your bed with a new decorative headboard or decorate your headboard with decorative items like fairy lights or decorative throw. Alternatively, you can go a step further by getting a decorative and interesting bed frame, like a daybed or a contemporary canopy bed frame.


Decorate with Beddings

Decorative Beddings


Adding little, subtle details can make a drastic change and there is no better place than your bedding. A statement, instagrammable bed is not one without decorating it with beautiful beddings to compliment with it. It can be subtle , such as decorating your bed with a decorative quilt or two or folding and using a subtle, simple bedding set and fold and drape your throw neatly over the bed, or it can be grand and loud by mixing up textures of beddings and adding different cushions for a unique look.


Adding a complimentary decorative like a bedside rug or a soft doll like a stuffed bunny is also a great tip make the room feel a little more “complete”.


Creative Lightings

Bedroom Decorative Lighting


The lightings in your bedroom plays a significant role in radiating the colour and mood of the room, whether it is big or small. Each colour of light represents different tone and mood to your bedroom, from the standard bright white lights for a clean, clear and simple tone, to vibrant neon lights that brings fun touch in the night or a more mellow approach with subtle warm lights that brings calmness and safety. There are a versatile number of lightings available to your display, from extensive lightings like LED light strips to smart lights to small lighting decor like a decorative open book-shaped lamp or a floor lamp.


Complimenting your lights with other furniture such as fairy lights wrapped around your bed’s headboard are also great tips to enhanced the mood in your room to your liking.


Utilizing textures

Material textures


If you live in a household where spaces are limited, like an apartment, chances are that you’re limited to a number of furniture you can put in your bedroom and you’d believe that you won’t be able to create an instagrammable bedroom of your dreams. Well, there are many alternatives to make up for some aspects and utilizing textures in your bedroom is one of them.


Mixing two or more textures can make a change in your room, the only thing to keep in mind is to know which texture compliments each other to a concept. Play around with different throws made of velvet or wool, using shaggy fur rugs to contrast against wooden cabinets or cushions with thick weaves against smooth beddings.

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