Avocado Chair in Malaysia

Let us dive a little deeper into a common scenario that we see in this industry. Our recent client, Alicia is a designer from Singapore who had an idea of designing a unique Avocado chair. Upon finalizing her design, Alicia realizes that the real challenge is to find a manufacturer that could support her vision. She was struggling to find a manufacturer that is willing to produce due to high MOQ demands. When Alicia crossed paths with VMG Work, we thought that her idea was extraordinary and wanted to help her reach her goals. We collaborated with Alicia by providing her access to our production facilities and capacity. We even took a further step to supplement her project with design and marketing support when we displayed her chair during the recent RIX Expo.

The amazing thing is – the real reason we chose to work with Alicia was because we found her creativity inspiring and was indirectly reminded of the rewarding sensation of being able to turn new ideas into reality. It made us wonder about how many creative minds are actually out there within our industry but are restricted in their designs due to a lack of material support…

Which brings us to our purpose.

Our core objective at VMG Work is to be the incubator for designers and architects. With our production facility and material resources, we aim to enable designers and architects and allow them to explore a limitless realm of design possibilities. As designers ourselves, we believe that every designer and architect has their own unique style and storyline to tell, whether it’s through design ideation or applied innovation. Therefore, we made it our number 1 goal to cater assistance to any kind of project customization required by our clients.

Think of us as a solution to your ideas. Think of us as a partner in producing what you envisioned. Think of VMG Work every time you think out of the box.

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