Copper vs Nano Titanium Coating


Metal coating is a common coating solution used on common products in a wide range of different settings, including malls, hospitals, restaurants and more. There are many reasons why metal coating is often the preferred choice – for its aesthetic appearances, for durability purposes. However, metal coating comprises a range of different sub-materials. To name a few – copper coating, nano titanium coating, liquid metal coating, etc.

As a manufacturer of those coating solutions, we will be shedding light on two of our coating solutions – Copper Coating and Nano Titanium Coating. Which of the two are more suitable for your application? What are the similarities and differences between them? Continue reading to learn more!



Coating Variety


One thing that both copper and nano titanium share in common is their aesthetic metallic shine after application. There is no denying that both coatings are highly suitable options to bring a taste of an aesthetic richness and high class feel when applied strategically. While they both provide that similar shine, they also have their own levels of aesthetics that sets them apart from each other.

When it comes to variety, Nano Titanium definitely takes the cake as it offers a wide variety of customised colours that most conventional methods can’t achieve, plus you can choose any colour offered from the standard gold to a pretty rose red! And gives a perfect coating for a beautiful decorative metallic shine. Copper on the other hand is very straight forward, offering only copper as its only colour option and it’s not an ideal coating option to go for if you’re looking at one that can be customised into a different colour. So, think carefully before choosing!



Application Freedom


Both coatings can be used in a wide range of places and products from components like shower heads to large scale items such as panels and furniture, but there are some areas that both are respectively not able to be covered despite their wide capabilities. It doesn’t mean that they’re not good choices, merely they benefit as the better choice over the other in application based on several factors.

Nano Titanium offers the feeling of an appealing coloured stainless steel and can be used in complex designs and shapes. However, they are more preferably applied on materials used as decorative pieces such as bathroom sinks and not ideal to use for a natural blend. Copper coating on the other hand, provides an artistic and rustic feel that allows it to blend with the original material naturally, giving the original material a subtle, natural shine without being too glaring to the eyes. In addition, it can cover wider areas that nano titanium coating can’t, such as wood, plastic acrylics and large scale projects like stone sculptures.



Coating Benefits


Aside from being great choices for aesthetic feels and appearance, each coating carries their own set of benefits that is ideal in many places. Nano Titanium coating offers a cheaper alternative to the regular PVD coating of achieving a pleasing coloured stainless steel – Skipping the step of needing a hefty equipment or procedure for application as a standard PVD coating would. It also offers similar benefits of a regular PVD and makes the surface significantly harder and more durable and it is easy to apply on the surface.

Copper coating on the other hand, is widely known for its variety of benefits such as corrosive resistance and containing properties that acts as a powerful antibacterial agent, capable of eradicating bacteria and virus on contact but is completely harmless to human touch. Plus, this coating is recyclable and highly durable which makes it an ideal choice of coating for equipment and industries prone to microorganisms such as factories, labs and hospitals.



Coating Prices


Putting all those differences aside, there is one thing that both have the advantage over many other metallic coatings – Both are extremely affordable and in some cases like Nano Titanium coating, is a cheaper alternative to achieve a beautiful metallic coating finish with the added benefits of their own respectively. In terms of the cost difference between each other, well, that can be a little tricky to decide.

If we’re looking in terms of application, versatility and use – We’d say copper coating has the upper hand over nano titanium coating for its added benefits such as the anti-bacterial properties and resistance to corrosion. It doesn’t mean that nano titanium coating is a poorer choice over copper coating, merely that it may not be ideal based on your preferences.

Overall, there are many more reasons that make copper and nano titanium coating different from one another, but each of them stand out in their own ways. Neither are more or less a better choice than the other, and it all comes down to your own personal preference, need and situation to decide which will benefit you more long-term. We at VMG Works, hope that this will give you a clearer idea on the difference between copper coating and nano titanium coating and provide you a clearer idea to decide the best choice for you and your forever home.

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