Liquid Metal vs Bead Blast Coating. What is the Difference?


Metal Coating has increasingly become a more common and convenient service in the interior design, both in business and personal home use and with the latest technologies at our disposal, there are many different and unique ways we can create an abundance of conventional products and structures with metal coating. So many would wonder with so many types of coating available, what is the difference between liquid metal coating and bead blast coating? If both coatings offer basically the same results, would it be pointless to even decide the better one between the two?

Well, that is where the team of VMG Work come to your aid – Where we will tell you all about liquid metal and bead blast coating from their plus points right down to their list of downsides.



Coating Versatility

What not to start this comparison with none other than their versatility! Yes, both coatings can be used on a wide range of surfaces. Both coatings can be used on wood, acrylic, plastic, other metals and more. What really sets them apart in terms of versality, is their range of colors available.

Bead blast coating has an endless list of colors that you could choose from, from metallic green down to a beautiful 24K gold coat finishing for that expensive look and it’s extremely customizable to your preferences. While liquid metal coating also can be customized to your preferences, they do not offer as many colors as bead blast coating do and are lean more on the natural metal finishing but hey, if you ever need a metal-like finish without needing to make pure metal, then liquid metal coating may be the perfect choice for you.



Coating Application

Bead Blast coating and liquid metal coating have quite simple application as compared to using real, pure metals and materials – which is both cost-effective and time-effective for anyone or businesses with limited time and budget. While both are simple to apply on surfaces, they do have a few differences that separates them before and during application.

Bead blast coating’s application is very straightforward, quick and easy – Providing good coverage that hides defects on the original material and can be easily applied practically anywhere with no extra equipment needed! They’re however, not ideal for rough surface as it takes a longer time. Liquid metal coating on the other hand requires a slightly longer process. Although a relatively cheaper alternative, it still requires a small amount of real metal for the coating thus have an additional one or two steps and a little more time to melt and prepare the raw material before the application.



Coating Maintenance

Bead blast coating is one of the easiest surface coatings to maintain. Though it’s easy application and low cost made bead blast coatings sound like it’s a cheap and low-quality coating, bead blast coatings are actually quite durable and requires little or no maintenance. This makes them capable to withstand prolong outdoor use and is very suitable for businesses and areas with frequent crowds. In addition, they can be easily touched up.

Liquid metal coating do requires some maintenance. As this coating is made of real metal, it would require periodic routine check and in some cases, light polishing depending on the environment, use and exposure to the area. Despite that, liquid metal coatings are very durable and are often fireproof, waterproof and sturdy yet lightweight at the same time. This coating is very suitable to be used in many areas and can sustain for a long time.



Interior Appeal

Both coatings have their own take of visual appeal to the eye, giving pleasing and stylish design on practically anything they are applied on be it in a full coating or customizable design to make a piece more aesthetic. They’re both capable of making a piece or a place more appealing, but not on equal level between themselves.

Bead blast coating  offers an unlimited range of colors and combinations able to be fully customized on anything and anywhere – Giving each piece an aesthetically pleasing finish and a reflective shine under artificial light or sunlight. Bead blast coating however, gives more of an artificial surface finishing unlike liquid metal coating. Liquid metal coating is your best alternative for an aesthetic natural-appeal and metal-like finish at a lower cost and is every designers, architects and artists’ dreams to create truly pioneering and unique designs.

And here is our take on the differences between bead blast coating and liquid metal coating. Although each of these coatings have their ups and downs, it doesn’t mean that either one are less of a choice. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal taste, requirements and needs from these coatings and who knows, they might just be the one for you.

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