What Is Veneer Plywood?

Veneer Plywood

Our Veneer Plywood is one of our most versatile wood material yet, providing creative freedom in use on objects, furniture and wall with great efficiency use. We offer a wide category of high quality veneer, ranging from cherry to teak and exotic veneers such as Tamo Ash.

Its very thin but solid material contains excellent durability able to endure harsh conditions and damages with an effective cost and requires minimal maintenance. It is easily replaceable with minimal cost than most wood materials, and is recyclable and eco-friendly.

Why Choose Our Veneer Plywood

Available Types of Veneer Plywood

We offer a diverse range of high quality veneer in colour, grain and texture such as:

Sample 1

Veneer Plywood Applications



Veneer plywood can be used on various architectural structures and hardwood builds such as the following:

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