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Formed by a team of experienced leaders, interior designers, carpenters, builders and renovation contractors, we at VMG Work are dedicated to enrich our customers with inspiring & innovative interior design ideas and solutions. Our team is dedicated to creating fitting and effective solutions that are tailored specifically to any budget & requirements. Working with us will not feel like an entanglement. Rather, it will be an extraordinary process with a lifetime of assurance.

At the very core, our clientele can see us as a one stop solution provider in the design-and-build industry, where we provide design consultations, cost estimations, project management, procurement, work scheduling, plan submissions, renovation/construction of a project, and so much more.

Our Field Of Expertise

Bathroom, bedroom, dining room, living room, AV room, kitchen or any other space in your home.

Office, hotels, shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, kiosk or any business premises.

interior design consultancy

Interior Design Consultant

Project brief, space analysis, design development, design & project proposal & 2D 3D technical drawings.

renovation works

Renovation Work / Design & Build

House renovation, building construction, custom fabrication, interior fit out, custom made furniture, interior decorator, ceiling construction, decorative wall panel.



Material selection, supplier sourcing, furniture selection, material calculation conducted prior to actual project kickstart.


Project Management

Project planning & execution, project documentation, cost estimation, work scheduling, process monitoring & controlling.

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