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Our surface coating solutions are specifically devised to empower design creativity from interior designers to architects and even project managers/contractors. With a wide mode of functions, our surface coating solutions are applicable to any materials and substrates, and can deliver any custom look that our clients can imagine or devise.

Example of applications: Altering the colour of accessories or fixtures; Customizing furniture appearances; Improving aesthetics and durability of any surface or products. The application limit of our surface coating solutions is only as broad your imagination!

Types Of Surface Coating

liquid metal

Liquid Metal

Our liquid metal coating can be applied to practically any surface to create a metal-like finish with the ultimate silky lustrous appearance or an antiquated and weathered look. It can be used on any desired objects, wall, or floor to create a timeless classic and vintage look. The true advantage of our Liquid Metal Coating is it’s versatility and flexibility in design. It can be shaped, applied and designed in any way imaginable on any surface, making it a dream for architects, interior designers, artists and stylists to create truly pioneering designs.

Available in an extensive range of color senses like gold, bronze, copper, titanium and many more, our Liquid Metal Coating is also durable, and environmentally-friendly, being 85% lesser in metal component, thus being lighter and requiring less energy to be moved during construction

bead blast coating

Bead Blast Coating

Our bead blast coating is able to be applied on any given substrate or materials like wood, metal, plastic and acrylic, our bead blast coating creates a aesthetically pleasing finish to any type of surface at a fraction of the cost.

It provides good coverage and has a hiding effect that hides defects on the original material. At the same time, it is also able to provide a reflective shine, especially under artificial light or sunlight. Its true advantage is that it can be easily touched up on anywhere, anytime, with easy-to-use DIY method.

Nano Titanium Coating

Our signature Nano Titanium Coating provides innovation in the creation of coloured stainless steel, making the surface significantly harder, more durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Unlike PVD coating, our Nano Titanium coating completely neglects conventional requirement of a PVD chamber for application, and thus can be carried out at a lower price despite producing higher quality coat finishing.

With Nano Titanium, we are able to ensure a very consistent and evenly coated finishing to products, and deliver the appearance that our clients are aiming for.

Copper Coating

Copper Coating

Our Copper Coating provides a great versatile surface coating spray. Used in wide range of materials, it provides strong artistic and rustic effects that blends itself naturally with the original material, giving a rustic but subtle shine.

This coating spray contain properties that neutralises microbes with the material itself is known to also provide a very powerful antibacterial agent, capable of eradicating microorganisms like bacteria and virus upon contact but harmless to human touch. It is also recyclable and has a high durability.

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